Free Omaze Contest Entries!!

Each audience member gets a 2 week promo code for 3,000 free entries/6,000 maximum per sweep x 10 Sweepstakes -- that's 60,000 free entries -- $6,090 ticket value!

Promotional Code is: THANKYOU3000

Here are all of the contests you can enter with the code above:

Win a $149,00 Tesla Model X Plaid
$25,000 Trip to Bora Bora
$152,00 Mercedes Customized Sprinter Van
$139,000 Ford Bronco
$106,000 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
$149,000 Dodge Demon
$112,00 electric HUMMER EV Edition 1
$100,000 Giveaway
$263,000 Custom Tesla Model S-APEX
$11,000 Kenyan Dream Safari

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